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Another one of the coolest things about Colorado Springs - The Thunderbirds Flyovers!

Brian Slivka

I love Colorado. We're talking serious love here...It's my home. Has been since 1986...

I love Colorado. We're talking serious love here...It's my home. Has been since 1986...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

It sounds like thunder in the distance, but the sound becomes more of a piercing "whoosh" and it's apparent that this is no thunderstorm (especially since it was a typical beautiful morning in Colorado Springs).

  I step out of my garage (as I was performing an oil change on our family vehicle - I know, I must be thinking, "Brian sure is a handy guy") and look to the sky to see what the commotion is...having been a Northern El Paso County (Colorado Springs and Monument) resident for the last 30 years, I know exactly what's happening. 

 Several glimmering objects traveling at what seems like unimaginable speeds buzz overhead and my lips immediately form a smile. It's one of those things about our area that I take for granted.  I catch my self saying "I've seen this dozens of times", yet every time  I stand in awe. I snap back to reality after what feels like a flood of memories and thoughts fill my brain and run inside to grab my camera. Then it's straight to my back patio to settle in for one of the coolest things about our area - the United States Air Force Thunderbirds coming to Colorado Springs to help commemorate the U.S Air Force Academy Graduation...awww yeeeaaah! Get ready for the show folks!  

I've been fortunate enough to live in homes where I can watch the Thunderbirds practice for a couple of days prior to and during the graduation ceremony from my driveway, my back patio and my roof. Sitting on my patio, I can see the Air Force Academy Chapel, most of the campus and the press box of Falcon Stadium.  Each year I look forward to seeing how low they'll "buzz" our neighborhood. Several times as they've circled around for another pass across the Air Force Academy, I've been able to see the pilots' helmets in the cockpits of the F-16s...It seems like they're only 30-40 feet off my roof line! I can feel the speed and movement of the nimble aircraft in my chest! 

For the next 25 minutes or so, I watch the graceful maneuvers they perform and can't help but think about how blessed we really are to live in this great country of ours! 

Today was Memorial Day. A day to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I could sit on our patios, read and write blog posts and enjoy the sights and sounds that the Thunderbirds provide. 

Stay human, Colorado Springs! 

Brian is the son of an awesome retired Air Force officer and wonderful mother/Air Force wife - He is a husband, a father of 2 and a REALTOR in the Colorado Springs and Monument areas.

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