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Top 3 Spring Cleaning Projects to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Brian Slivka

I love Colorado. We're talking serious love here...It's my home. Has been since 1986...

I love Colorado. We're talking serious love here...It's my home. Has been since 1986...

Mar 22 6 minutes read

We've all heard it. We all know it. A thorough and deep cleaning is a big part of a perfect way to prepare your home for sale. Staying on top of your cleaning projects in advance of listing your home can help eliminate extra hassle and stress. Spring cleaning projects are especially important if you plan on preparing to sell your home soon, as home buyers have pretty darn high standards (even in today's market!). A clean home can help give a positive impression to prospective home buyers and help you sell your home faster — and for more money!

If you've been asking yourself lately, "is now the time to sell my home?", there are some important spring cleaning tips you can't miss. Check out these top three spring cleaning projects to start getting your home in top shape to sell.

1. Start Decluttering

Over time, our homes seem to get more and more cluttered. The accumulation of gifts, papers, school projects, and everything else over the years starts to pile up! If your home is especially cluttered, you’re not alone. When staging a home to sell, removing clutter is, according to almost all buyers, THE most important thing you can do. Excess clutter easily makes a home appear small or cramped, which can deter potential home buyers. The great news about this spring-cleaning tip is that you can do this slowly over time. If you’re preparing to list your home to sell within a few months, start this project in advance to make it easier to tackle.

I like to tell my clients - "one room at a time, room at a time". Each weekend, set aside time to tackle one room or space to start decluttering. Consider getting rid of any "things" you’re simply not using. Not only will decluttering the rooms in your home make selling your home easier, but it will also help you as you move into a new home. The moving process will be easier with fewer items! You will appreciate less clutter as you unpack and organize your new space. 

Selling items through Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or a simple garage sale is a great way to earn some extra cash as an incentive to declutter. Or, consider donating unwanted items to a local thrift store. When it comes to a clean home, less is more.

2. Tackle the Kitchen like an NFL Linebacker!

For many potential home buyers, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It's a big deal. Think about it - I know I spend a TON of time when I'm home in the kitchen. It's where we prepare our meals. It's the social gathering place when having friends and family over (why does EVERYONE love to stand in the kitchen during gatherings?). It's where homework is sometimes completed and it's where some life changing conversations have occured!  Prospective buyers will pay close attention to the kitchen during real estate showings. A quick cleaning is not enough; you will need to do a DEEP cleaning of everything. This may include things you may not even have thought to clean or have NEVER cleaned.

Start by degreasing the walls of the kitchen (ewwww gross! But it happens in all kitchens!). Over time, kitchen walls become greasy from lots of cooking. Many potential buyers will notice this. A spring cleaning of your kitchen, including degreasing walls, cabinets, backsplashes, and the stove, can give your kitchen a clean feeling.

Other kitchen spring cleaning projects include cleaning the dishwasher on both the inside and outside, cleaning stained grout, and conducting a heavy-duty cleaning of the kitchen sink. 

Another part of the kitchen that is often overlooked when cleaning is the inside of cabinetry. Built-up crumbs and stains can make it seem like your home is not well-cared for. Prepare your home for sale by vacuuming drawers, cabinets, and the inside of the fridge. 

Tackling the kitchen cleaning can seem daunting, though this is another project you can break up and do over time. Take one step at a time and dedicate weekly time to cross another task off the kitchen cleaning list. 

Should you decide that you're just not into the kitchen cleaning - contact me - I know the BEST cleaners in town!

3. Floors and Carpeting

Personally - this one hits home for me - I have 2 dogs and 2 kids...the carpet gets DIRTY! No matter how hard I try to keep up with it!  Carpeting that looks dirty is another major component that can impede the sale of your home. Potential home buyers will notice homes with dirty or poorly cared for carpeting. You MUST consider a professional carpet cleaning if your carpets are in poor shape. Higher quality carpet will most likely come clean with regular truck mounted steam cleaning. I tell my clients when they move in to their homes, "clean these carpets every 6 months and you'll be glad you did!) My favorite local carpet cleaner is Devin Brita with Zink's Carpet Care. He's the BEST! Message me for his direct number!

For homes with lots of hardwood flooring, your floors most likely have developed scuffs, scratches or marks from normal usage. We like to call that...character! Wood conditioning can help hardwood flooring look clean and shiny again while hiding any scratches or problems that may be present. Focus on the most noticeable rooms or highly trafficked hardwood floors in your home. Hardwood contractors tell me that maintenance coats are a good way to keep your investment protected. Let me know if you need this and I can connect you with a great contractor.

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